McCulloch Two Man Chainsaw

McCulloch 5-49 Two Man Chainsaw

When these saws went out into the woods they required a three man team. The man holding the "stinger" was the sawyer, the man running the saw was labor, and a third man carried gas and oil, wedges and sledge, and, of course, lunch and water.

From Pete Cuming in 2010:

This chainsaw is 5 HP, and 49 lbs for the head. Made from March 1949 to June 1952, and this one was probably made in the 50's due to the serial number.

When I restored it, it had been used the day before. He just parked the saw.

Red Keller owned this saw, and it's a beast. Very heavy, and we're going to make it work, and drop a tree.

The interesting thing about this saw is the bar itself swivels. The head of the saw has to stay vertical to work.

The man holding the saw in the video is Jason Walton, grandson of M.C. Walton.

The Stirling City Museum has several other vintage chainsaws, including a Mall model 7 with a seven foot bar.