Guest Speaker: author Andy Mark will be our guest at the SCHS meeting on Sunday, September 11

ANDY MARK, author of the book titled "The West Branch Mill of the SIERRA LUMBER COMPANY: Early Logging in Northeastern California," will be Guest Speaker of the Stirling City Historical Society on Sunday, 11 September 2016, 2pm at the Stirling City Community Hall, 17044 Skyway. Andy will take us back in time to the V-Flume that transported rough-cut lumber from mills in the foothills to the finishing plant in the valley below. The flume also provided thrilling rides on homemade boats, as the waterway snaked through Big Chico Creek Canyon, sometimes on trestles one-hundred feet high! Although riding the flume for recreation was prohibited by the lumber companies, the allure, excitement, and convenience it posed made it one of those rules that was meant to be broken. Come and hear about the tough loggers and Saw Mill workers who faced the challenges of supplying lumber during the late 1800's and early 1900's, and the connection between Sierra Lumber and Diamond Match. Andy will available to autograph his book! Free admission. Call Mary Schaefer, 530 873-0583, for more information.