Stirling City Historical Society

The Stirling City Historical Society came into being on March 27, 1993 at a meeting in the historic Stirling City Hotel Charter members were: Becky Brakebill, Edna Thelander, Charlotte Hilgeman and Madelyn Henry. Elected to serve as founding officers were: Edna Thelander; President; Becky Brakebill, vice president, Charlotte Hilgeman, secretary, and Madelyn Henry, treasurer. The group published its first newsletter in the summer of 1994, and had gained two new members by then: Marcia Avram and Bunny Hopper. Marcia was secretary and Bunny was in charge of the newsletter. After a period of six years and the addition of several new members, the society was incorporated on June 8, 2OOO.


Soon after corporation papers were finalized, it was learned that two buildings owned by the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (now Cal Fire) might be available for use by the society. The group agreed to contact then governor, Grey Davis, to determine the possibility of obtaining the former residence and office buildings at the corner of Skyway and Diamond St. Upon receiving a favorable report from the governor's office, Charlotte Hilgeman, then director of the Museum and Library Project, contacted CDF officials, who were agreeable to the project. They had constructed a new office and residence and no longer needed the buildings.

After many legal transactions, including environmental reports and unanimous approval by the California State Legislature, the land and buildings were deeded to the Stirling City Historical Society Inc. on February 28, 2OO2. The former residence now houses the museum and the library is located in the former office building. The Society opened and dedicated the buildings during the town's large and colorful Centennial Celebration in August, 2OO3.

Elected Officers for 2020-2021 Term

  • President: Pete Cuming

  • Tresurer: Marshall Schaefer

  • Secretary: Mary Schaefer

  • Director: Ellen Cheda

  • Director: Bill Dennison

  • Director: Jeanie Hankins

  • Director: Nirvana Haver

  • Director: Carol A. Lewis

  • Director: Mary Schaefer

  • Director: Dirk Wohlau

  • Historian: Vacant (Pete Cuming temporary)

  • Archivist: Vacant (Glenda Chombeau temporary)

  • Webmaster: Lance Orner

  • Facebook: Ed Chombeau

Elected Officers for 2016-2017 Term

  • President: Marshall Schaefer

  • Treasurer: Steve Kinne

  • Secretary: Mary Schaefer

  • Historian: Pete Cuming

  • Archivist: Vacant — Glenda Chombeau (temporary)

  • Event Coordinator and Newsletter Editor/Writer: Mary Schaefer

Elected Board Members for 2015-2016 Term

  • Dirk Wohlau, Chairman

  • Carol Lewis

  • Jeanie Hankins

  • Ellen Cheda

  • Bob Meyer

  • Pete Cuming

  • Mary Schaefer